A Gourmet Experience In Every Bite

Your Taste Buds Will Thank You

Eyes Of A Foodie Cheesecake uses the highest quality ingredients. When I set out on my mission to create the best cheesecake in Detroit, I didn’t realize how popular they would get! My Cookie Butter Cheesecake was delicious enough to wow the judges on Master Chef (Season 10). 

Perfecting Cheesecake

People everywhere are raving about this delicious cheesecake. Each cheesecake is crafted with care, precision, and creativity. Every bite you take of Eyes Of A Foodie Cheesecake is a gourmet experience that you will never forget!

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The best way to experience Eyes Of A Foodie Cheesecake is to taste it. If you want to know what the best cheesecake in Detroit tastes like, contact me to place your order today!

Best Cheesecake In Detroit